Our Journey

In 2016, the universe brought us together in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Being from different parts of the world [Scotland and Wisconsin], it was more than a coincidence that we found each other. Over the past few years, we have both flourished as artists and have become healthier and more conscious of what we put into our bodies. We have been bouncing between continents and countries in order to be with each other and explore the world together.


Just before 2019, on our trip across Central America, we were looking for a healthy, travel-sized cookbook and couldn't find anything that fit our specific needs. Along the way, we took note of the things we were cooking and realized we could give travellers, and other people looking to live a budget lifestyle like us, a resource for eating on the road!


Chrisy has taken the role of cook and author, and Nica designed and illustrated the book.

We have now travelled throughout Europe, North America and South America together, visiting a total of 27 countries over the span of 4 years.

Next stop, Asia...

The Original Funky Little Kitchen

The name, Funky Little Kitchen, came about when we really started pushing forward with our idea, and we were living at a permaculture farm in Guatemala. For a few weeks, we were cooking in a tiny little cob kitchen (previously a kid's playhouse), it had one water boiler and single electric burner, and the concoctions created were incredible! 


At this point, we had a seed of an idea for this traveling cookbook. Inspired and encouraged by our cheap, healthy eating habits and making fresh, amazing meals! We wanted to share with the friends we were meeting along the way! 


One day, as if having a vision, we put into action what our plans and goals were for this book, and after a lot of creativity, experiments, and taste-testing, the Funky Little Kitchen appeared. 


Now we want to share with everyone the joys of cooking delicious, simple, healthy, cheap, vegetarian, traveller-friendly, food!

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